Mecal provides solutions to the challenges in wind energy.

Title of the important announcement

Mecal is an independent engineering consultant, with a range of integrated OEM product solutions in the wind turbine and tower engineer market on a global scale. We operate globally, with our headquarters located in the Netherlands..

Harnessing wind takes a wide range of expertise. Recognized for our know-how and reliability, MECAL has many references and a track record of delivering.

In a market with increasing demands, our customers rely on the over 30 years of top engineering successes of MECAL.

Technological creativity, teamwork and co-maker ship is key, and with international experience we have solutions that add value to your products and projects.

Strength through cooperation

Mecal Wind Turbine design, Mecal Applied Mechanics and Advanced Tower Systems are subsidiaries of Mecal. This allows us to offer strength through cooperation, with all the advantages and opportunities that come with it.

Advanced Tower Systems (ATS) designs solutions for complex concrete and hybrid (concrete/steel) towers. Knowledge is ATS’s strength, and they always focus on effective and feasible solutions.

ATS has been active in the wind industry for decades. A market that demands the highest performance and solutions to complex problems. ATS offers an integrated approach to supply chain, engineering and installation.